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My father used to tell me “always start from your origins” . Sometimes you do not realize that your stronger path is your history. Your upbringing, your stimuli. I always look around me touch my surrounding smell the fresh air and the moment i breathed? … I created my first entire collection.

It was a warm summer night, my friend came from Karpathos and gave me as a present the traditional foulard of Karpathos called “mantila”. It was love at first sight! Since then always around my neck, my hair, my hand and what’s next? I went to Karpathos I was touched by the uniqueness of the light blue sea the dialect and the mosaic on the buildings that underlines their peculiarities of the dresses and the customs.

Karpathos has been influenced from Scandinavian Countries such as Norway. This is the main reason why this collection includes folklore fabrics and techniques. Its all about colors ,happiness and music.

This Collection blends masculinity and femininity.Pants and jackets are oversized, more structural, with romantic details such as volant to meet the romanticism of the collection. Dresses, in contrast, are soft, unstructured, and bohemian in feeling, in both tiny floral motifs and silk. 90’s came in my mind when i decided to include checks and stripes intertwining them with embroidery and lace.

A Stefania Vaidani women is contemporary and constantly redefines her own culture. - She is not framed. That’s why we let you choose whether you want to be a 90’s girl or a traditional greek women.

Nostalgia and Romanticism definitely fits the Spring Summer Collection 2018.