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Galaxy Collection

Due to climate change and  environmental crisis , I decided to dedicate my fall winter collection to our Earth.There  is no time  to fix the mistakes we did in the past , sadly the fashion industry has left  negative footprints in our ecosystem. For this collection we decided to include for the first time earth colours as a small representation of our beautiful world. We have used recycled fabrics and materials, that have been certified from our suppliers.
The key colors for this collection are stone,  gold , ultra violet , key lime and ocean blue . Bright blues continue , but frosted mid-tones balance these bolder hues. Piercing cool tones are a highlight this season, and has almost phosphorescent intensity. 
As for the  iconic SV print  , we are focusing on mixing cool and warm colors and bringing the collection all together.
The print portrays the  past and the future. Vintage meets Futurism.  As for  the  buttons ? A selection of  two opposite materials : eco pearls and plexiglass glass velvet and taffeta , oraganza- vegan Leather , tweed - sequin . 
With 20/21 collection we aim to : Adapt to changing consumer lifestyle, to focus on better not more, to embrace new technologies and platforms to meet growing consumer demand for an enviromentally sustainable future. To finally be able to buy well , choose less and make it last ..

Stefania Vaidani Moon tweed jacket

Stefania Vaidani Mercury midi vinyl dressStefania Vaidani Mercury vinyl trenchcoat

Stefania Vaidani Domino white long coat         

Stefania Vaidani Eris white organza trenchcoatStefania Vaidani Orion white sequin trousers 

Stefania Vaidani Dynamite Cargo pants

Stefania Vaidani Uranus green taffeta dressStefania Vaidani Uranus green dress

Stefania Vaidani Domino black jacketStefania Vaidani Domino mini skirt

Stefania Vaidani Galaxy tshirt           

Stefania Vaidani Mars fuschia coatStefania Vaidani Mars fuschia taffeta blazer

Stefania Vaidani Stormy biker shorts                       

Stefania Vaidani purple corset Dress Stefania Vaidani Alien corset Dress

Stefania Vaidani Alien Vegan leather jacket

Stefania Vaidani Mercury vinyl jumpsuitStefania Vaidani Aquarius Organza shirt

Stefania Vaidani Azalea lace dressStefania Vaidani Galaxy midi dress

Stefania Vaidani Galaxy high rise trousersStefania Vaidani Galaxy satin shirt